Miami Photo Studio Rental in Miami, FL

Miami Photo Studio was designed and built by one of the nation’s leading photographers Alain Martinez.

Every inch of the studio is designed to create an advantageous photography scenario for each area in use.   It’s been a work in progress for 4 years and it’s still constantly evolving.

About Miami Photo Studio


Located in Miami, FL, Miami Photo Studio rents space to high-end photographers from New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA, as well as those from other countries including Canada, Germany, Mexico, India, and others. We rent our studio to professional photographers who need space for upcoming shoots. At our fully equipped studio, we offer everything you need to satisfy even the most demanding client.


Regardless of the shoot, when people visit a rental studio, they want and expect superior amenities and multiple places to shoot. Whether you have clients shooting their next campaign or a new client shooting a catalog they deserve the best. Your photography equipment and talent combined with our rented studio space will bring everyone’s dreams to fruition.


When you need access to a high-caliber photography studio, Miami Photo Studio is the ideal choice. Our clean and beautifully decorated space immediately puts clients at ease. With a vast assortment of backgrounds, indoor and outdoor space, and unique amenities, you can accomplish any shoot. Our studio was created for photographers by photographers and thus you’ll have all your expectations exceeded.


All you need to bring to the studio are your camera and clients. We take care of everything else, white and black cyclorama walls, northern-facing windows with incredible natural light, green and seamless screens, lighting equipment, and more. In fact, as part of our rental package, we offer a clothes steamer and ironing board for last-minute touch ups.


Considering all the benefits, you can see the value of renting Miami Photo Studio for shoots.


Miami Photo Studio Rental Has What You Need


Quality of Light


Finding and controlling the quality of light is one of the most challenging aspects of professional photography. With high-quality lighting equipment and a 12-by-12-foot northern-facing window you are sure to find the most flattering light for your project


Affordable Studio Rental Pricing


Owning and operating a photography studio involves a significant financial investment. For a fraction of the cost, our studio provides high-end space for you and your clients, complete with excellent lighting, tall ceilings, rotating sets, private changing rooms, and a stunning outdoor garden and patio. Whether your shoot is romantic, sensual, action, posed, or casual, the quality of your photographs will surpass your clients’ expectations. By renting Miami Photo Studio, you maximize your business potential while minimizing cost.


Photo Studio Convenience


For the convenience of you and your clients, we offer a host of amenities. Along with private parking, which enhances safety for nighttime and weekend shoots, we have a 12-by-12-foot bay door that is perfect for bringing in oversized props, including automobiles. If you plan to rent the studio for several days, you can park a trailer or RV directly next to the bay doors.


Our studio is located within 20 minutes of Miami International Airport. We even provide a reliable high-speed internet Wi-Fi connection and a stereo system with an iPhone jack hookup.


Flexibility of Studio


Because of the uniqueness of each area within the studio, you can capture virtually any special occasion with precision. You also have the opportunity to create stunning photographs in the gorgeous outdoor patio and garden areas. Our goal at Miami Photo Studio is to accommodate any shoot, including commercials, automobile shoots, stills, and everything in between.


High-Caliber Photography Studio Rental


Whether you have years of experience as a professional photographer or are just starting out, we offer affordable rental rates to take your business to the next level. To ensure your clients’ 100 percent satisfaction and boost your photography business, contact us at Miami Photo Studio to discuss your upcoming needs. We would appreciate the chance to work with you as a valued customer.